Workshops Sunday 5th. Oct

There are still places left for some of these workshops. Please contact the organizers by email to receive instructions/codes for participation. 

Below you find a list with the events of the day for conference and pre-conference activities. For further information about each event listed, please use the links. Here you will get to know about the organizers, activities during the event, requirements for participation (e.g. a position paper or other requirement). If you are interested in participating in a pre-conference event or have questions about a workshop or design challenge session, please get in touch with the contact person(s) for the specific event.​

The time slots allocated are preliminary and might be subject to changes.


“Teaching Participatory Design”

Full day (8:30-17:00)

Abstract: The goal of this full-day workshop is to create a place where people can share experiences, plans, and questions about teaching Participatory Design (PD). We aim to create a context for all of us to talk about how we design and set up courses, what challenges we face and how we solve them. The workshop is for people who are interested in the way people teach as well as in what is taught and what resources are gathered to aid the process. During the workshop, we will explore in an interactive manner how constructivist approaches to teaching can support the teaching and learning of participatory design in academic and non-academic contexts. We will also discuss experiences in using recent material such as the new (2012) PD Handbook. We hope that this dialogue can become a regular part of PDC.
Organized by: Jesper Simonsen, Andrew Clements, Barbara Andrews, Shaowen Bardzell, Vincenzo D'Andrea,  David Hakken , Giacomo Poderi, Maurizio Teli
Contact: Jesper Simonsen ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), Vincenzo D'Andrea  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“Participation for Development”

Full day (8:30-17:00)

Abstract: Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is more and more promoted as a driver and facilitator of economic growth and development in low and middle income countries. ICT for Development (ICT4D) though has mixed successes. Sustainability of solutions and usability respectively usefulness for the intended beneficiaries have been reported as causes. Participatory approaches to development have been proposed to address these causes. Participatory Design (PD) seems like a perfect fit. However, at the Participatory Design Conferences, research that addresses PD in low and middle income countries is rare. The workshop aims at bringing together the PD researchers working with under-privileged communities and attracting researchers from the ICT4D communities to the PD conference. The goal is to share experiences and start a discussion on how participation, ICT and development might relate.

Organized by: Yvonne Dittrich, Retha De La Harpe, Gertrudes Macueve, Mikko Korpela, Rahel Bekele, Jens Kaasbøll
Contact: Yvonne Dittrich ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )




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